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"As a farmer, and agricultural financial consultant, with over 30 years of experience, it is my personal goal to provide you with accurate and useful farming information and one-on-one assistance. We are not a commodity brokerage firm. I want you to take advantage of profitable price opportunities while using good risk management techniques.

Farming as we know is a way of life. It's about hard work and family. But, it's also a business. I hope that by using the tools we have developed over the past decade, you will not only have a more successful farm, but that you will be able to build a brighter future for your family." -- Gregory K. Lohoefener. President and Founder Market Data Inc"

If you want your farm to produce more profit, you have come to the right place. Our farm marketing service utilizes current and historical farm market data in a series of online tools designed to help you minimize risk and maximize profit. You will be able to customize your farm marketing plan as well as draw upon localization of cash basis and price ratings for your area. We are not a brokerage service, but specialize in providing a service tailored to your individual situation and location for one low annual fee - $500 for two commodities and all related services.

Are you new to farming and the analysis of farm market data? No problem. On almost every page of the market data website you will find a help symbol. Clicking on it leads to PDF presentations on how to use that part of the farm marketing service. Still Confused? Your annual service includes one on one time with Gregory K. Lohoefener, the creator behind This time can be used to develop a specific marketing plan for your situation, using tools that you select.

Forget to check price opportunities? Our Farm Marketing Service will AUTOMATICALLY send alerts right to your email inbox when your profitability targets are reached while also showing the probability of price movement to reach these targets.

Ready to sign up? Register here and we will work together to enhance your farm profitability!

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